“Al Cheney Is Ready To Fulfill Your Necessary Requirement Regarding Your Residential Property!”

Al Cheney, Cheney Appraisal Services, 251-533-2424, has over 35 years’ experience within the Mobile Bay Metro Area, Baldwin County & Mobile County of Alabama. Al Cheney is ready to assist you with all your personal legal requirements for a home or thinking about selling a residential property.

Al Cheney has very appealing & special appraisal assignment fees for a straightforward appraisal report depending on its particular location. The appraisal report fees for most homes are as follows: within the City Limits of Mobile, the fee is $225; the immediate outskirt beyond the City Limits of Mobile has an appealing fee of $250; more distant locations generally will have a fee of $275. Of course, any home having a more complex nature or distant location and or any other special requirement will require a quote from Al Cheney.

Please visit www.CheneyAppraisalServices.com as well as call Al Cheney at 251-533-2424 today to schedule your real estate appraisal inspection. Al Cheney is ready to assist you in fulfilling your necessary legal requirement regarding your home or when selling a residential property located within the Mobile Bay Metro Area of Alabama.

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(The quoted appealing and special appraisal assignment fees are for all non-financial or non-mortgage appraisal reports.)

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