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Unfortunately, if you are refinancing or purchasing a home by obtaining a mortgage loan through a lender, your home appraisal fee will probably be $350-$500 depending on lender internal requirements as well as their choice of an Appraisal Management Company (AMC); since 21 July 2010, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act created significant financial regulation over mortgage lenders and has also been more detrimental to the consumer in regards to more documentation and higher costs. The mortgage lending red tape has harmed good real estate appraisers trying to adhere to all of the numerous and onerous new regulations for appraisal opinion reporting. The government’s creation of more and more red tape for mortgage lenders has not been helpful but a direct detriment to consumers, home appraisers and the real estate industry as a whole.

Al Cheney is a Certified Residential Real Property Appraiser in the State of Alabama who offers special “non-financial” appraisal opinion reporting primarily within Baldwin County and Mobile County. Most residential appraisal fees will range from $225-$275 depending on location; more complex properties and or waterfront properties are quoted on a case-by-case basis. If you are a consumer/homeowner requiring an appraisal opinion report for estate settlement, property tax reduction and or any other reason not requiring a mortgage loan, call Al Cheney at 251-533-2424 today and discuss your real estate appraisal problem.

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Al Cheney is your home advisor in regards to a credible residential valuation opinion report when thinking about buying or selling or fulfilling any other personal necessary reason. Al Cheney has over 35 years’ experience in the Mobile Bay Metro Area, Baldwin County & Mobile County of Alabama. Call Al Cheney at 251-533-2424 to discuss your particular residential property as well as the very appealing appraisal fees depending on complexity, location and satisfying your necessary personal requirements.

Al Cheney is a Certified Residential Real Property Appraiser licensed within the State of Alabama. Al Cheney has very appealing and competitive home appraisal fees for individuals from $225-$275 depending primarily on location. If your residential property has more complex and unique characteristics, Al Cheney will have to quote on a case-by-case basis. Let Al Cheney be your home advisor in regards to completing a residential real property appraisal on your home by calling him today at 251-533-2424! Please visit to read additional information about him and some of our neighborhoods as well as other information about our Mobile Bay Metro Area.CHENEY C-LION LOGO 170x170


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Al Cheney, Cheney Appraisal Services, 251-533-2424, has over 35 years’ experience within the Mobile Bay Metro Area, Baldwin County & Mobile County of Alabama. Al Cheney is ready to assist you with all your personal legal requirements for a home or thinking about selling a residential property.

Al Cheney has very appealing & special appraisal assignment fees for a straightforward appraisal report depending on its particular location. The appraisal report fees for most homes are as follows: within the City Limits of Mobile, the fee is $225; the immediate outskirt beyond the City Limits of Mobile has an appealing fee of $250; more distant locations generally will have a fee of $275. Of course, any home having a more complex nature or distant location and or any other special requirement will require a quote from Al Cheney.

Please visit as well as call Al Cheney at 251-533-2424 today to schedule your real estate appraisal inspection. Al Cheney is ready to assist you in fulfilling your necessary legal requirement regarding your home or when selling a residential property located within the Mobile Bay Metro Area of Alabama.

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(The quoted appealing and special appraisal assignment fees are for all non-financial or non-mortgage appraisal reports.)

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BLOG-CHARLANDA ESTATES ENTRANCE-03 16 2015 [01]Charlanda Estates has mostly 4 & 5 bedroom homes with most home values ranging from $275,000-$325,000+; this neighborhood is located along Cody Road in Western Mobile, Alabama.

BLOG-CHAPEL HILL SIGN-06182015 [02]The Chapel Hill subdivision is located along the north side of Cottage Hill Road, outside the city limits of Mobile, between Dawes Road & Schillinger Road; mostly four-bedroom homes with home values mostly ranging from $195,000 to $238,000+-.

Blog-Copeland Island Signage [03]The Copeland Island residential neighborhood is located several miles outside the city limits of Mobile; west of the Grand Bay Wilmer Road; the majority of homes are 3 bedroom & 2 bathrooms with most home values ranging from $76,000 to $140,000 depending on the gross living areas which primarily range from 1250 ft.²+- to 1650 ft.²+-.

Call Al Cheney at 251-533-2424 and or email at when considering your next real estate appraisal opinion report in regards to selling or any other necessary personal requirement. The real estate appraisal fee quotes will always be competitive and reasonable when hiring Al Cheney, over 30 years experience, as your personal Certified Residential Real Property Appraiser within Alabama.

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Blog-Greythorne signage R05The Greythorne Estates subdivision is located just west of the Alabama Highway 181 between Baldwin County 32 and Baldwin County 34. Greythorne Estates is located within the Fairhope, Alabama jurisdiction and easily accessible to the Fairhope downtown business district in only several minutes.

Greythorne Estates has had several home sales over the past year from $166,455-$224,970 for these 3 and 4 bedroom homes, and one 5-bedroom, having a total square foot range from 1526 ft.² to 2693 ft.².


There has been a significant amount of construction within Greythorne Estates during 2014 and 2015. There are currently several active listings with asking prices ranging from $181,900-$244,000 with a total square foot range from 1500 ft.² to 2685 ft.².

Blog-Greythorne Street Entrance R02

Are you thinking about selling your Greythorne Estates home or have another home located within the Fairhope, Alabama jurisdiction? Are you curious about your residential property value before placing on the open market? Maybe you disagree with the Tax Assessor’s value for your home? Would you like to hire a Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser with over 35 years experience? Then call Al Cheney at 251-533-2424 today! Your appraisal fee for a typical straightforward report will only be $250! Complex or special requirement residential properties will require a quote from Al Cheney.

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RECENT MOBILE BAY METRO AREA STATISTICS: The 2013 estimate for Baldwin County’s population is 195,540. The 2013 estimate for Mobile County’s population is 414,079. The Mobile Bay Metro Area, Baldwin County and Mobile County of Alabama, has an estimated population of 609,619. The population estimate for a 60 mile radius around Mobile, Alabama is 1.2 million people. This information provided by Al Cheney, Certified Residential Real Property Appraiser in Alabama.

Cheney Appraisal Services’ primary Mobile MSA (metropolitan statistical area) coverage area for non-financial home (most only $225 to $275 depending on location) and undeveloped land (most only $175 to $225 depending on location) appraisal reports are within many communities (such as, Bay Minette, Daphne, Elberta, Fairhope, Grand Bay, Loxley, Robertsdale, Saraland, Satsuma, Semmes, Theodore) of Baldwin County and Mobile County, The Mobile Bay Metro Area, encompassing Historic Mobile Bay.

Cheney Appraisal Services’ website is More complex and waterfront residential properties are quoted on a case-by-case basis. Call (251)533-2424 today!


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In the past 12 months, Wakefield Subdivision has had 9 home sales according the MLS records within the Mobile Area Association of Realtors website. These 9 sales range in property value from $146,000 to $205,000 with most gross living area ranging from 2,084 square feet o 2,450 square feet. All of the homes are 4 bedrooms with 2 or 3 full bathrooms. The days on the market (dom) are mostly under 120 days over the past 12 months. Currently, there are 6 active MLS listings with asking prices ranging from $159,900 to $229,000 and square footage ranging from 2,074 to 2,607 with 3 to 5 bedrooms. Wakefield Subdivision is located off the south side of Airport Boulevard, just past Snow Road, in western Mobile. The Mobile Regional Airport is located only minutes east from this residential development.


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BLOG-SPRING-HILL-BusinessCenter-02132010 [11]The neighborhood name Spring Hill was originally an early 19th century Spanish land grant settlement. Spring Hill is one of Mobile, Alabama’s oldest neighborhoods. Over 150 years ago, Spring Hill gained its prominence when Mobilians built summer homes to seek refuge from the semi-tropical heat of the city and the Yellow Fever epidemic carried by mosquitoes.

Spring Hill has a sense of community with good neighbors and wonderful neighborhoods with antebellum and majestic oaks covering many of the streets, such as, The Cedars, Dilston Lane, Tuthill Lane and WimBLOG-SPRING-HILL-BusinessCenter-02132010 [02]bledon Drive. Spring Hill is also an active area with many individuals and groups of friends cycling, jogging, walking and expressing their patronage for the local businesses along McGregor Avenue and Old Shell Road as well as other adjoining streets.

BLOG-CCofMobileAndFairway-02132010 [02]The Country Club of Mobile is located in Spring Hill and provides its members with fine Southern dining, swimming pool, tennis courts, 18-hole golf course and a short 9-hole course. In nearby Langan Municipal Park, Mobilians and its visitors can enjoy the various lake views, walking paths and the wonderful lakefront Mobile Museum of Arts which maintains a fine permanent collection as well as hosting prestigious temporary exhibitions throughout each year. And, just minutes west from the museum, you can enjoy the Azalea City Golf Course ($16 to $39 depending on time of day, cart or walking), the Botanical Gardens and the Mobile Tennis Center, one of the largest of its kind in the United States. Since 1930, Spring Hill College, the oldest school of higher learning in Alabama, has been serving the Mobile Bay Metro Area with a beautiful 18-hole golf course (available without membership) from $32 to $39 each, depending on mornings and afternoons, includes a cart, or Mondays and Wednesdays which also includes a lunch.

Spring Hill‘s retail area includes an active branch of the public library, dentists, doctors, grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, women’s & children’s clothing stores, and other professional services. Mary B. Austin, one of Mobile’s oldest public elementary schools, is located along Provident Lane, north side of Old Shell Road. St. Paul’s Episcopal and St. Ignatius schools located nearby provide parochial private education.

Springhill Memorial Hospital, physician’s offices and a fitness center are located along the south side of Dauphin Street, near Interstate U. S. Highway 65, and across from many restaurant facilities and retail shops, such as, Alabama Outdoors, Ann Taylor Loft, Atlanta Bread Company, Ballins, Claude Moore, Coldwater Creek, J. Jill, Jimmy Johns, Jos. A. Bank, Legacy Village at Spring Hill, Metzger’s, Talbots, The Wine Loft, Tropical Smoothie Café, True Restaurant and Zoe’s Kitchen.

BLOG-SPRING-HILL-HOMES-02132010 [17]In a tough economic climate, the property values within Spring Hill have done better than most other areas in the city of Mobile due to its desirability. With this stated, individuals and families can find many choices for housing, from a small condominium to a spacious home on a large lot. Currently, there are approximately 231 active listings from $44,850 to $3,300,000 asking prices. Recent housing saBLOG-SPRING-HILL-HOMES-02132010 [12]les, about 70 sold records, for the past six months ranges from $37,500 for a one bedroom, one bath condo to $950,000 for an over 6,000 square foot home with 4 bedrooms and four bathrooms near the Country Club of Mobile. Therefore, Spring Hill has housing price offerings to fit any budget!

BLOG-SPRING-HILL-HOMES-02132010 [14]For more information about Spring Hill or any other neighborhood in the city of Mobile, contact Albert Marshall Cheney, Certified FHA Approved Real Estate Appraiser, by calling (251) 533-2424 or visit the web site, Al Cheney covers all of Baldwin County and Mobile County in The Mobile Bay Metro Area of Alabama.

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Alabama Port 36523, Axis 36505, Bayou La Batre 36509, Belle Fountaine 36582, Bucks 36505, Calvert 36513, Celeste 36522, Chickasaw 36611, Chunchula 36521, Citronelle 36522, Coden 36523, Creola 36525, Dauphin Island 36528, Dawes 36619, Earlville 36522, Eight Mile 36613, Fairview 36587, Georgetown 36521, Grand Bay 36541, Gulfcrest 36521, Hollingers Island 36605, 36582, Indian Hills 36613, Irvington 36544, Kushla 36613, LeMoyne 36505, Lott 36575, Magazine 36610, Mauvilla 36613, Millertown 36613, Mobile 36608 (and all other zip codes), Moffett 36587, Mon Louis 36523, Mount Vernon 36560, Oak Grove 36613, Prichard 36610, Saint Elmo 36544, Salco 36505, Saraland 36571, Satsuma 36572, Semmes 36575, Theodore 36582, Tillman’s Corner 36619, Toulminville 36617, Turnerville 36521, Whistler 36612

MOBILE COUNTY-Image-MapAl Cheney with Cheney Appraisal Services, (251) 533-2424, can handle all of your Mobile County, Alabama real estate property appraiser needs. Cheney Appraisal Services supplies only the highest quality Mobile County, Alabama real estate appraisals. The Mobile County appraisal district is an area where we can satisfy all of your home appraisal needs. Our real estate property appraiser is “certified residential” and “fully licensed” in Alabama. Al Cheney is a real estate appraiser fully qualified to handle your home appraisal, appraisal when settling an estate, tax appraisal and any other appraisal need, such as, vacant land and legal reasons. Al Cheney is also a ”FHA Approved” Appraiser.

Certified & FHA Home Appraisals start at $295 per report!

Albert Marshall Cheney, Cheney Appraisal Services, P. O. Box 8888, Mobile, Alabama 36689-0888, accepts residential real estate appraisal assignments within The Mobile Bay Metro Area and the Mobile County communities and towns listed above. Click on the available hyper-links for more information on these Mobile County, Alabama communities and towns. Also, here are most of the appraisal report services with fees provided by Al Cheney with Cheney Appraisal Services:

  • Condominium Appraisal Report, $295 & $325
  • Single Family Residential Appraisal Report, detailed information, $295 & $325
  • Limited 2055 “Interior” Appraisal Report, $275 & $300
  • Limited 2055 “Exterior” Appraisal Report, $225 & $250
  • Complex Or Waterfront Residential Appraisal Report, $400-$500+
  • “Certified” FHA Single Family (Home) Residential Appraisals for Baldwin County, Alabama and Mobile County, Alabama, $295 & $325
  • Desk Review Report, $100
  • Relocation (RELO) Appraisal Report, $450
  • Acreage Or Lot (Land) Appraisal Report, $200 & $250
  • Recertification of “Value Opinion”, $75
  • Field Review “Exterior” Appraisal Reports, $200 & $250
  • Construction Draw Or Final Inspections, $75 & $100
  • Duplex, Triplex Or Other Assignments More Distant, Quote

The above list covers many appraisal report services provided by Cheney Appraisal Services within Mobile County and The Mobile Bay Metro Area of southwest Alabama.

If you do not see your appraisal report requirement listed above, contact Albert Cheney, (251) 533-2424 or email,, with your home or residential appraisal orders and or questions. The business facsimile is (251) 252-7737.

Try these websites for more information:, and

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The TimberCreek residential development is a great golf community located alongBLOGphoto-TimberCreek-Sign-01252010 [01] the south side of U. S. Highway 31, the west side of Alabama State Highway 181, on the north side of U. S. Interstate Highway 10 and just minutes east of the delta areas and Mobile Bay.

TimberCreek is conveniently located near major regional shopping centers, such as, the Malbis Regional Shopping Center, and Historic Downtown Mobile, Alabama is only about 20 minutes west by traveling along the I-10 BayWay. Gulf Shores, Orange Beach and Alabama’s white sandy beaches and blue-green waters of the Gulf of Mexico are about a 30-35 minute drive south by either Alabama State Highway 181 or U. S. Highway 59.

Currently, TimberCreek has at least twenty-six (26) active MLS (multiple listing service) REALTOR listings, about 18 homes with 2,500 to 4,200 square feet, and having asking prices between $300,000 and $500,000.

There have been around twenty-five (25) home sales in BLOGphoto-TimberCreek-GolfCourse-01252010 [02]the past twelve months according to the Baldwin County Association of REALTORS. The vast majority of these TimberCreek homes ranged from $275,000 and $550,000. The lowest sale price was $214,900 for a three bedroom, two bathroom home with 1674 square feet. The highest sale price was $849,000 for a four bedroom, four full bathroom, two half bath home with 6,240 square feet.

The Sales Per Month Absorption Rate is currently three (3) homes per month in TimberCreek. With 26 active listings, the current housing supply is 8.67 months (26 active listings divided by 3 home sales per month).

TimberCreek‘s Median Comparable Sale Price is now $365,000 compared to $472,000 BLOGphoto-TimberCreek-Homes-01252010 [05]four to six months ago. The days on market (dom) appears to mostly range from 134 days to 146 days over the past 12 months.

TimberCreek‘s Median Sale Price as percentage of list price has slipped over the past twelve (12) months, and now seems to be somewhat recovering: 96.76%, 7-12 months ago; 89.95%, 4-6 months ago; past 3 months, 92.68%.

BLOGphoto-TimberCreek-Homes-01252010 [08]


Albert Cheney, Broker of Realty Leaders Corporation, offers 3.33% listing agreements to homeowners in Baldwin County and Mobile County of Alabama. Albert Cheney has 35+- years experience in the real estate industry. Call Albert Cheney at (251) 533-2424 or email, if you require more information about Alabama real estate and talking more about listing your home.

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