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BLOG-CHARLANDA ESTATES ENTRANCE-03 16 2015 [01]Charlanda Estates has mostly 4 & 5 bedroom homes with most home values ranging from $275,000-$325,000+; this neighborhood is located along Cody Road in Western Mobile, Alabama.

BLOG-CHAPEL HILL SIGN-06182015 [02]The Chapel Hill subdivision is located along the north side of Cottage Hill Road, outside the city limits of Mobile, between Dawes Road & Schillinger Road; mostly four-bedroom homes with home values mostly ranging from $195,000 to $238,000+-.

Blog-Copeland Island Signage [03]The Copeland Island residential neighborhood is located several miles outside the city limits of Mobile; west of the Grand Bay Wilmer Road; the majority of homes are 3 bedroom & 2 bathrooms with most home values ranging from $76,000 to $140,000 depending on the gross living areas which primarily range from 1250 ft.²+- to 1650 ft.²+-.

Call Al Cheney at 251-533-2424 and or email at Albert@CheneyAppraisalServices.com when considering your next real estate appraisal opinion report in regards to selling or any other necessary personal requirement. The real estate appraisal fee quotes will always be competitive and reasonable when hiring Al Cheney, over 30 years experience, as your personal Certified Residential Real Property Appraiser within Alabama.

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